Personal Computers - Novell

1983-03-xx   ShareNet ad  [PDF]

1984-12-xx   Local area networks for the IBM PC  [PDF]

1989-05-14   A Link for All Operating Systems

1991-07-17   Novell and Digital Research sign definitive merger agreement - See document
1991-10-29   Novell and Digital Research Finalize Merger - See document

1992-03-29   Preaching Love Thy Competitor
1992-11-05   Selling against Windows NT  [PDF]
1992-12-21   Novell to Acquire Unix System Laboratories - See document

1993-02-16   Novell signs agreement with AT&T for acquisition of USL - See document
1993-03-10   Novell NetWare 4.0  More
1993-06-14   Novell Acquires Unix System Laboratories - See document
1993-09-27   Novell vs. Microsoft: What's Behind the Hate
1993-10-11   X/Open Receives Unix Trademark From Novell - See document
1993-11-13   Succession Picture Clears at Novell

1994-01-18   Sun to buy out source code rights from Novell/USL - See document  More
1994-04-06   Bob Frankenberg Named Novell Chief  More
1994-04-17   Netware's Directory Goes Global, but Users Stay Put
1994-09-23   Novell de-emphasizing UnixWare - See document

1995-01-12   Former Novell Chairman Quietly Funds Windows Killer Clone Software - See document
1995-09-20   SCO acquires Unix business from Novell - See document  More
1995-12-06   Novell Completes Sale of UnixWare to SCO - See document  More  [PDF]
1995-12-06   Development Agreement Between Novell and SCO - See document  [PDF]

1996-xx-xx   Networking Primer: Technology Today  More
1996-07-24   Caldera acquires DR DOS - See document
1996-08-29   John Young and Joe Marengi to Replace Bob Frankenberg
1996-09-xx   What Microsoft Doesn't Want You to Know About IntranetWare
1996-09-10   Novell Launches Aggressive New Marketing Strategy
1996-10-07   IntranetWare  More  More  More  More
1996-10-16   Novell SCO Amendment to APA - See document  [PDF]

1997-01-06   Joe Marengi Discusses Plans for Reinvigorating NetWare Market Share
1997-03-18   Eric Schmidt Appointed Chief Executive Officer
1997-05-xx   Novell / Windows NT Integration Products

1998-xx-xx   Netware Version 5  More  More  More  More
1998-04-07   Report of the Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt
1998-07-27   Novell chief: 'We're taking the offensive'
1998-08-17   Which Way Will You Go?
1998-08-17   Novell CEO Eric Schmidt Q & A
1998-09-xx   What's New in the NetWare 5 Operating System?  [PDF]
1998-09-14   Novell's NetWare 5: An Elegant Interoperability Solution

2000-02-xx   A Comparative Overview of NetWare 5.1 Web Services Features  [PDF]
2000-03-30   Novell's Eric Schmidt Q&A
2000-05-xx   The NetWare Advantage  More

2001-07-10   Jack Messman Becomes President and CEO  More
2001-09-21   NetWare 6  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]

2002-06-07   Is Microsoft Really Going to Take You Where You Want to Go?  [PDF]
2002-09-16   What Microsoft doesn't want you to know

2003-01-29   Novell Tells Business "We Speak Your Language" with Marketing Campaign
2003-04-14   NetWare 6.5  More
2003-06-12   Open Letter to Novell Customers

2004-03-22   Novell BrainShare 2004 Promotes Enterprise Movement to Open Platform Computing
2004-03-22   Novell Builds Bridge Between SUSE LINUX and NetWare
2004-05-18   Novell Helping NetWare Customers Kick the Tires of Linux
2004-09-13   Novell Open Enterprise Server Provides Advanced Services  More  [PPT]
2004-11-08   Novell Settles One Antitrust Claim with Microsoft for $536 Million
2004-11-12   Novell Files WordPerfect Antitrust Lawsuit against Microsoft

2005-02-15   Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server for Flexibility and Choice  More  [PPT]  More

2006-03-17   Novell Launches the 'Platform for the Open Enterprise' at BrainShare 2006
2006-06-22   Novell Names Ron Hovsepian To Succeed Jack Messman as CEO
2006-09-20   Novell Receives Delisting Notice from NASDAQ
2006-11-30   Novell Readies Customers, Partners for Linux-Based Open Enterprise Server 2 - See document

2007-01-26   Novell Receives NASDAQ Notice of Non-compliance
2007-03-20   Novell Receives Additional NASDAQ Notice
2007-10-08   Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server 2 with Networking Services on Linux - See document

2010-11-22   Attachmate Corporation to Acquire Novell, Inc. 
2010-11-22   Novell Agrees to be Acquired by Attachmate Corporation

2011-04-20   CPTN Holdings LLC and Novell Inc. Change Deal
2011-04-27   The Attachmate Group Completes Acquisition of Novell
2011-04-27   Novell Completes Merger with Attachmate and Patent Sale to CPTN Holdings LLC

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