Microsoft Sues

Sol Libes
Byte Magazine

July 1982

More and more software suppliers are going to court to protect their copyrighted software. Previously I reported that Digital Research and Micropro have filed suit against a dealer who allegedly illegally copied and sold their software. Last month, I reported on Atari's suit against Magnavox, in which Atari sought to protect the screen images used in its Pac-Man computer game.

The latest suit has been brought by Microsoft, which has gone to court charging software piracy. Microsoft charges that Advanced Logic Systems (ALS), Sunnyvale, California, has copied the BIOS and BOOT programs for Microsoft's Z80-based Apple Softcard and is selling them as part of a product called "The Synergizer." Microsoft charges that the code is a byte-for-byte copy with the exception that ALS changed the copyright notices and altered two message strings. Otherwise, according to Microsoft the two programs are identical, right down to the initials of the Microsoft programmer who created the software.

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