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DEC Unveils Modular Computer Series

Byte Magazine

October 1982

Digital Equipment Corporation is marketing a series of modular personal computers, each of which is equipped with a lowprofile 103-key keyboard, a 12-inch monochrome display, and a system box that contains the processor, power supply, and dual 5 1/4-inch floppy-disk drives capable of storing 800K bytes of unformatted storage. Three models are currently available: the Professional 350 and 325, the DECmate II, and the Rainbow 100.

The Professional series features the PDP-11/23 central processor, 256K bytes of memory, and multitasking operation. The Professional 350 has provisions for a 5-megabyte Winchester-type hard-disk drive. The DECmate II is supplied with the DECmate word processor and has an optional CP/M capability. Outfitted with two microprocessors and 64K bytes of RAM (random- access read/write memory), the Rainbow 100 can run both 8-bit CP/M and 16-bit CP/M-86 programs. Additionally, its internal memory is expandable to 256K bytes.

The Rainbow 100 costs $3495. The DECmate II is available for $3795, including 96K bytes of memory. With a memory complement of 256K bytes, the Professional 325's base price is $3995, and the 350 sells for $4995. Contact Digital Equipment Corp., Maynard, MA 01754.

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