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Mouse for IBM PC

Byte Magazine

July 1983

Microsoft is marketing a mouse for more than 25 MS-DOS-based personal computers, including the IBM. The Microsoft mouse is equipped with two buttons for selecting commands from the screen. It does not require a specially prepared surface. The mouse is supplied with a disk containing tutorial, practice application, and a text-editor program with insertion and deletion features.

The Microsoft mouse is available in two versions: the one for the IBM Personal Computer includes a plug-in board that fits into any slot on the PC's motherboard; the second version is designed for any MS-DOS-based computer. This unit works with a standard RS-232C interface and all its required hardware is built in. The Microsoft mouse costs $195, including software. Contact Microsoft Corp., 10700 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98004, (206) 828-8080.

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