IBM Vice President James A. Cannavino announces the IBM Personal Computer Company

Somers, N.Y. -- September 3, 1992 -- (Business Wire)--IBM Vice President James A. Cannavino Thursday announced the IBM Personal Computer Company, a separate operating unit formed to focus exclusively on delivering leadership PC products to customers around the world.

The IBM Personal Computer Company will have responsibility for development, manufacturing, distribution and brand marketing for IBM's PCs worldwide. IBM Vice President Robert J. Corrigan has been named president of the new company. IBM Vice President Edward F. Rogers has been named the company's chief financial officer.

"Today's announcement is part of a journey begun in December to increase efficiencies and focus and improve our responsiveness in a fast-changing PC marketplace," said Cannavino, who is general manager of Personal Systems.

The new company is organized along IBM's geographic markets worldwide. The new structure with an increased focus on PCs will enable the company to deliver a wide variety of product brands, ranging from premium systems to mobile computing, and to better serve customer needs.

"The right products delivered through the right channels at the right time with the right price--not organization--are what count to our customers," Corrigan said. "We will begin to demonstrate our new way of executing beginning with the next series of announcements."

Sam M. Inman has been named president of the IBM Personal Computer Company - North America. This organization, made up of employees from IBM's former National Distribution Division and Entry Systems Division, will focus on manufacturing, distribution and brand marketing for the new company's products in North America. Organized by market segments that match specific customer requirements, the organization's brand teams are responsible and accountable for addressing and responding to the customer needs in their particular market segment.

PC marketing executives in other geographies will continue to be responsible for responding to customer needs in their individual marketplace. They are William E. McCracken for Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Robert G. O'Malley for Asia/Pacific, Kevin R. Barry for Latin America and Don D. Myles for Canada.

Corrigan will be responsible for IBM's PC business results worldwide, including profit, return on asset (ROA), unit and revenue growth, cash from operations, customer satisfaction, quality and human resources.

The IBM sales force will continue to market IBM's PC products worldwide, maintaining a common, consistent and seamless interface to customers. Working with business partners, the sales force will focus on providing effective application software and world-class service and support.

IBM Vice President Robert J. LaBant, general manager of IBM North America, said, "Customers often want more than the product--they want value-add skills that help them link systems, software and services. The new company will help IBM deliver more competitive PC technology that our sales force and business partners can transform into customer solutions."

Also, while operating like an independent business, the new company will continue to fully utilize world-class technological resources of Personal Systems' Entry Systems Technology, Technology Products LOB and IBM Research.

The new IBM Personal Computer Company will be based in Somers, N.Y.

Mr. Cannavino also announced changes designed to make the operating systems software business more integrated and independent. Personal Systems Programming, under Lee R. Reiswig, assistant general manager, now has responsibility for worldwide PS software business results, including brand marketing. Fernand B. Sarrat who was assistant general manager of PS market development has been named assistant general manager, market development and operations for Personal Systems. Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

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