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From: (Andrew Veliath)
Newsgroups: comp.os.os2.beta
Subject: Warp's New Toys
Date: 20 Nov 1994 23:25:52 -0500
Organization: Systems Corp.
Lines: 75
Message-ID: <3ap7gg$>
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Hi all... after just been to a friends helping set up his machine and 
glean over the new mighty OS (which I _must_ say installed and detected 
everything on his machine [just for the record ;-)]) and having run the 
beta for sometime (I am running linux until Enterprise comes out...)...

It may have been a bit slower than I expected, but HELL ONCE YOU BECOME 
sorry for the yelling but I just had to throw in some words.

Some things I picked up while browsing...

The Works program is quite nice actually, and I didn't try it but it has 
import filters for Ami Pro 1, 2, and 3 and Wordperfect 6.0 for Windows 
and more... 

The multimedia viewer is a good example of SOM!  It is the so great to be 
able to use this as a repository for pictures and images and to just drag 
and drop them in to the Background notebook page pic (try it if you haven't).

Finally, after using OS/2 for over 2 years I am now seeing exploitation 
of SOM in much better ways!  The templates folder is huge--what it should 
be!  There are actually MEANINGFUL (or rather more used) associations in 
the association lists...!  

Do people realize that OS/2 lets you do incredible searches based on file 
keywords & comments (on any object)?  The new find tool I must say seems 
very fast.  It is the handiest thing I've seen.  If you want to get all 
of your say, gifs into the viewer why don't you just do a search on your 
disk for the specific criteria and then select all then drag the bunch to 
the viewer (this would probably incur a decent wrath of time while it 
generates thumbnails ;-))...

SOM SOM SOM SOM SOM SOM yes it is real (and DSOM).

And guess what?  After all this Object Windows for OS/2 will be out REAL 
SOON NOW (don't know about platform specific features though) but 
nonetheless this will make application development MUCH easier...!  Just 
think about it... How is IBM's class library [anyone]?

And by the way those OS/2 Warp commercials aren't half as bad as I've 
been led to believe... actually I think they are nicely done...

What can I say... after using un*x for 2 months it is so refreshing to 
see a powerful and intuitive and yes may I say it FUN interface that has 
been improved... Warp is at a critical point; it may keep going, but 
unless we wave it's carrot (not arrogantly, but practically and 
interestingly) to developers, casual users, and interested companies--not 
to say this isn't being done--but it must continue to be pushed!

People can't be convinced of something they don't realized the fruits of!

Preach OS/2 Warp!

Push OS/2 Warp!

Program OS/2 Warp!

Develop for OS/2 Warp!

Use OS/2 Warp!

Have fun with SOM... create your own little universe within your 
desktop--it is more powerful than you think!

Yes this is a commercial, sue me, oops I don't sell anything yet! ;-)


Enuf said.


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