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Path: sparky!uunet!sequent!ogicse!!!!
Subject: Rusty and Edie's BBS is back online!
Message-ID: <>
Date: 1 Mar 93 13:37:12 GMT
Article-I.D.: vm.16B847938.JROGERS
Sender: (netnews)
Organization: Polytechnic University
Lines: 62

             Please note our new telephone numbers:
                        Russ Hardenburgh
                    1480 Fredricksburg Drive
                      Youngstown, OH 44512
                     Our Phone Numbers are:
                    Voice:     216 726-4217
                    Fax:       216 726-3595 FAX not open yet (soon)
                    2400 baud: 216 726-2620
                    HST:       216 726-1804 Not for Dual Standards HSTs ONLY!
                    V32        216 726-2620 Dual Standards use this line only!!
                    Compucoms  216 726-3584
                    V-series   216 726-3619
02/26/93   We're back, we have done our very best to put back as much of the
           system as we possibly could, we feel we have done pretty well
           keeping about the last year of files.  We hope you all like it.
           Please report any problems you have with the system, we need to work
           out the bugs.
           What can you do to help?
           1.  Please upload new files, we need your uploads so that we can
               continue to be the very best place to get new files.
           2.  We have done our very best to make sure their are no commercial
               files on line, if you should find one or suspect one please
               leave us a message or call us voice, our new number is 216 726-
               4217, so that we can remove it.
           3.  Download a file called R&E-IS.BAC and upload it to every BBS you
               can, also post it in every message base you can so our callers
               will know we are back on line and need their help.
           4.  Send money!!
               New callers please join our system, you will find us a good
               reliable source of enjoyment.  Read bulletin #1
               Old callers, please renew now, even if you are not due yet, we
               need your help now.
               Buy the modems and other hardware we sell, we sell the best and
               we need the money at this time to rebuild the system.
               In addition we are asking that all of you that can and want to
               help us in our hour of need send donations to help us rebuild
               this system.  Our address is printed in bulletin #5 or simply
               use script #1 and when it asks how much be sure and indicate
               this is an extra donation, Edie and I will always remember your
           You all know us and know we will do the very best we possibly can to
           make Rusty n Edie's a fun place to visit, we remain "The Friendliest
           BBS in the World."
                                      .......Rusty n Edie too!!

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