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From: (Drew Veliath)
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Newsgroups: k12.ed.comp.literacy
Subject: LanSchool
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 20:27:00 PDT
Organization: FidoNet node 1:272/57 - Technisoft BBS, Harriman NY
Lines: 26

Does anyone else here use LanSchool?

I am the Sys. Admin. for my school LAN (no one else knows how to use 
it--I've been teaching the teachers) and am having a great time working 
with the system (the bindery got corrupted a few weeks ago, that was a 
fun project to fix).

We are running NetWare 2.12 on Token Ring at 4mbits/s, well it runs a 
bit slow (especially on the 8088 PS/2s we have in the back [!]).

Our school computer courses aren't too hot.  I'm taking the AP in 
Computer Science however I've never taken a real computer course in my 
life.  For my grade in my class I was doing Administration work on the 
computers, but I got the stick when halfway the course was changed to a 
non-credit course--so I guess to heck with them.

Oh well--se la vi, eh?


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