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From: (Bdale Garbee)
Subject: Tango Schematic and PCB Tools
Date: 10 Dec 1993 15:09:12 GMT
Organization: The Bit Basement
Lines: 34
Message-ID: <2ea3eo$>
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Because of customer requirements, I find myself unfortunately in the position
of needing to change my schematic capture and PC board tools.  As a result, I
would like to offer for sale my existing toolset, all part of the Tango tools
from Accel.

	- Tango Schematic, list $595
	- Tango PCB Plus, list $995
	- Tango Total Support contract for both of the above, good through
	  5/94.  $150/year for schematic, $200/year for PCB Plus.  About $150
	  remaining value at list.

	- SafeSoft Key for Tango PCB Plus, list $99

The SafeSoft key software "unlocks" the PCB Plus package so that you don't need
the normal hardware key widget that hangs on the parallel port.  This is very
handy if, as I do, you travel with a notebook PC holding all your tools.  
Dealing with the 'dongles' on airplanes, and such, is a real pain.  Tango
schematic is unprotected.

I just received the latest versions of the software under the support contract,
so there are absolutely virgin latest-rev floppies offered, along with all the
previous floppies, docs, and my stack of flyers and newsletters and such.

I'm a bit frustrated about this, since I like this toolset, but my current
hardware clients are demanding different tools, and I can't afford to maintain
two sets.  The total "list price" value of this stuff is $1839.  I'm asking
$1650, and will consider all offers.  I am not particularly interested in 
selling only pieces, but will consider that too.

A friend acquired Tango Schematic in order to be able to read and review my
work, if you are interested, I'm confident that he'd be willing to sell that
copy for a fair price, as well.

Bdale, N3EUA

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