Jon Johansen

November 8, 1999

I was contacted by an attorney from the firm Simonsen & Musæus today. A lot of bla bla bla and that if the link to DeCSS was removed, no further action from their side would be taken? I know very well that they would not win in court, but they could make a big mess out of it. I simply do not have the time, nor money, to go up against these people. While they believe that they've just made progress, the rest of you nice people, who don't want to use DeCSS for illegal purposes, can head over to the nice search engine Altavista where you might find a nice gift from MoRE :)

If you would like to show your disrespect towards threats like these, which seem to be a bit common ( ....), mail them today with your thoughts [ I have been forced by my web-provider to remove this email address.\n\nWhere did freedom of speech go? ]. Please DO NOT spam or bomb them, as that would be lowering yourself to their level.

[Hit Counter] people have been to this page (& probably downloaded DeCSS as a result of it) since the 6th of November 99, 17:50 CET

Will the MPAA be able to hunt down these thousands of happily DeCSS'ing souls? :)


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