One decade on Yahoo


July 15, 2006

It took Yahoo 10 years to screw up their message boards. 10 minutes on IV, so far. Looks good!
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9:10:43 PM

Already, ELN is in the top 20 most-posted I.V. boards....


July 16, 2006

and thats basically from just today.

The 5 most active boards look to be NNOS.PK 15,564 posts
HDY 14,551 posts
EAG 10,141 posts
CMKM.PK 7,469 posts
OBBCQ.PK 3,572 posts

If this is where most of the Yahoo'ers end up, then ELN should break the top five within a couple of weeks.

BTW, there is also a NANO message board... probably a good place to post NanoCrystal info. If you noticed, the most-posted board above is for a Nanotech company.

Overall, a nice looking site.
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12:19:30 AM

Yahoo board members on mass exodus.


July 16, 2006

NBIX board on Investor Village is also starting to attract former Yahoo NBIX posters.

How many more boards are moving and what will Yahoo have when it's completed?
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