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SCO vs. IBM: Eben Moglen, IBM's lawyers

Eben Moglen remains deeply involved in planning ...

SCO v IBM et al - Advocacy - Academia

1999-11-01   Red Hat Center for Open Source - See document  More

2000-09-11   Red Hat Center, University of North Carolina launch - See document
2000-10-17   Red Hat Center Fact Sheet - See document  More  More
2000-11-28   Red Hat Center's grant funds public access to Cornell's Legal Information Institute - See document

2001-02-09   Center for the Public Domain (formerly Red Hat Center) Funds Projects - See document
2001-04-01   Center for the Public Domain - See document  More  More
2001-06-03   Center for the Public Domain Supported Organizations - See document  More
2001-10-19 - See document
2001-11-10   Freedom - Watch video  [YouTube]

2002-03-07   Update on the Center for the Public Domain - See document
2002-09-05   Anonymous gift funds creation of "The Center for the Study of the Public Domain" - See document
2002-09-22   The Cultural Anarchist vs. the Hollywood Police State - See document
2002-12-05   Introduction to Free Software, Free Society - See document

2003-02-08   Lawrence Lessig Awarded the 2002 FSF Award - See document
2003-02-22   BYU - See document  More  More
2003-03-07   SCO / Caldera suing IBM  More  More
2003-04-26   IBM LTC  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
2003-06-16   SCO Protest  More  More  Flyer  [PDF]  More  Photos  Photos  More  More  More
2003-06-20   Darl McBride answers questions  [WMA]  More  Photos
2003-08-04   Moglen on SCO’s FUD  More  [PDF]
2003-08-14   Pay SCO  More

2009-09-09   BYU - See document  More
2003-11-11   SCO-IBM project  More  More
2003-11-14   SCO v. IBM, The Filter  More 
2003-12-04   More SCO fud, this time insulting the constitution

2004-01-23   SCO v IBM, The Filter  More  More  More
2004-01-22   Darl FUDs again  More
2004-02-02   Defending Intellectual Property Rights - Darl McBride  [YouTube]  More
2004-02-02   Free as in Maaah  More  More 
2004-02-05   Questioning the Kernel  More  More  More
2004-02-23   The Legal Future of Free Software  [YouTube]  More
2004-04-12   Lawrence Lessig elected to FSF Board of Directors - See document
2004-04-22   Free Culture - See document  [PDF]

2005-03-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document

2006-09-22   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document

2007-10-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document

2008-04-28   Free Software Foundation Leadership - See document

2009-12-24   Defining the contours of freedom - Watch video  [YouTube]  More


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