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SCO vs. IBM: Eben Moglen, IBM's lawyers

Eben Moglen remains deeply involved in planning ...

SCO v IBM et al

2003-03-06   SCO Group vs. IBM, Complaint  More  [PDF]
2003-03-07   SCO Files Lawsuit Against IBM
2003-05-12   SCO Letter To Linux Customers  More  More
2003-05-28   Novell Challenges SCO Position, Reiterates Support for Linux  More
2003-06-06   SCO Confirms Copyright Ownership of UNIX and UnixWare
2003-06-06   Novell Statement on SCO Contract Amendment  More  [PDF]
2003-06-16   SCO Group vs. IBM, Amended Complaint 
2003-07-21   SCO Registers UNIX Copyrights and Offers UNIX License
2003-08-04   Statement Regarding Red Hat Lawsuit and Letters to Red Hat
2003-08-05   SCO Announces Intellectual Property License for Linux
2003-08-07   SCO Media Statement Re IBM Counterclaims
2003-08-11   The SCO Group Announces Signing of Intellectual Property Compliance License
2003-08-18   SCOsource Update  [PDF]
2003-08-18   FSF's Position regarding SCO's attacks on Free Software
2003-09-09   SCO Group's Open Letter to the Open Source Community
2003-11-05   Free Software Foundation Subpoena  [PDF]
2003-11-18   SCO Expands Scope of its Agreement With Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP
2003-11-18   Novell Statement on SCO claims regarding non-compete clause in contracts
2003-12-04   Open Letter on Copyrights
2003-12-22   SCO Announces New Initiatives to Enforce Intellectual Property Rights
2003-12-22   Novell Statement on UNIX Copyright Registrations

2004-01-08   SCO letter to congressmen  [PDF]
2004-01-13   SCO Reiterates Ownership of Unix Intellectual Property  More
2004-01-15   SCO Announces Worldwide Availability of SCO Intellectual Property License
2004-01-20   SCO Files Slander of Title Lawsuit Against Novell
2004-03-03   SCO to File Lawsuit Against DaimlerChrysler Corporation
2004-03-03   SCO Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against AutoZone

2005-02-17   The SCO Group Receives Notice From Nasdaq Regarding Potential Delisting
2005-07-08   New trial date in IBM-SCO case

2006-07-03   Judge Tosses Out Most of SCO's Lawsuit Against IBM
2006-11-29   Kimball Rules: SCO's Objections Denied - Novell Goes 1st
2006-12-01   Investors Abandon SCO

2007-04-02   SCO's motion to depose Pamela Jones  More  More  [PDFs]
2007-08-10   Judge Says Unix Copyrights Rightfully Belong to Novell  More  More
2007-09-07   Judge Kimball rules: There will be no jury in SCO v. Novell  More

2008-11-24   SCO cleared for appeal in computer code case

2009-05-05   Motion to Convert Ch 11 Case  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More
2009-08-24   Court overturns key computer software decision  More

2010-03-04   Six years later, SCO-Novell lawsuit finally going to trial  More
2010-03-30   Utah Jury Confirms Novell Has Ownership of UNIX Copyrights

2011-08-30   Court rules against Utah’s SCO over Unix copyrights

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