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From: bmo at (Boyle M. Owl)
Date: Sat Jul 15 13:19:26 2006
Subject: The Coming Invasion
Message-ID: <0Obug.10174$PO.5972@dukeread03>

Yahoo's message bases have been totally broken by the "whole new look."

Well, people have pondered where to go, and I suggested one of the SCO 
froups, because, well, they _are_ pretty vacant.  And I'm not the only 
one to suggest it.

So be prepared for the invasion.

You have been warned.


From: bmo at (Boyle M. Owl)
Date: Sun Jul 16 08:48:10 2006
Message-ID: <5Usug.10402$PO.196@dukeread03>

I received one request in email from one of the denizens here that maybe 
we should move.

Even though I think that this group is apropos (misc!) and filled with 
stuff that should really be on comp.linux.sco.programmer, I think that 
since even one person asked us to move, especially since it was polite, 
we should go.

alt.os.caldera is nearly vacant.  Even the spam level is tolerable.

crunchie812 is already there.

Plus we can have fun abusing the random Unixware poster.


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