SCO v. Novell ruling is good news

Ian Bruce

July 21, 2008

On Wednesday, July 16, US District Judge Dale Kimball ruled in the the SCO v. Novell lawsuit and ordered SCO Group to pay Novell more than $2.5 million based on SCO's unauthorized UNIX agreement with Sun Microsystems.

We think this is great news for Novell and for the open source community. We're very pleased this ruling reaffirms and strengthens Novell's ownership of the UNIX SVRX copyrights and vindicates Novell's continuing efforts to protect the open source community from SCO's claims. This ruling underlines the court's earlier decision, issued in August 2007, which found that Novell, not SCO, owns the copyrights to UNIX SVRX code, and further undermines SCO's claims against Linux users.

We see a pattern in the legal judgments made in this case: Decision after decision makes it clearer and clearer that SCO's legal claims against Linux have no merit.

12:59 pm

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