Software Patents

1968-06-12   Computer program patent  [PDF]
1968-10-23   Computer software unpatentable  [PDF]
1968-11-23   Computer patent backed by court  [PDF]
1968-12-13   Patent office requests rehearing on 'software'  [PDF]
1968-12-29   Fighter for computer-program patents  [PDF]

1969-03-01   U.S. patent court to hear software issue  [PDF]
1969-08-16   Computer programs are held patentable  [PDF]
1969-10-09   Patents office reversing stand  [PDF]

1972-11-21   High court denies computer patent for programming  [PDF]

1975-05-13   Supreme Court will consider case on computer system patent  [PDF]

1978-06-28   Software patent issue is murky  [PDF]

1980-01-16   Diamond v. Diehr. Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari
1980-03-17   Diamond v. Diehr. Supreme Court Of The United States
1980-05-30   Diamond v. Diehr. Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari
1980-06-10   Diamond v. Diehr. Brief For The Petitioner
1980-07-28   Diamond v. Diehr. Brief Amicus Curiae American Patent Law Association LAW
1980-08-12   Diamond v. Diehr. Brief Amicus Curiae Chevron Research Company
1980-10-xx   Diamond v. Diehr. Respondents' Brief On The Merits
1980-10-03   Diamond v. Diehr. Reply Memorandum For The Petitioner
1980-10-06   High Court is facing key business issues  [PDF]
1980-10-14   Diamond v. Diehr. Oral Transcript
1980-10-20   Software -No patents -- but still protected

1981-03-03   Diamond v. Diehr. Supreme Court of the United States
1981-03-04   Supreme Court Backs Patent in Computer Process

1989-04-24   Patent Opens Window To Software Confusion
1989-06-19   Little Quarterdeck Throws Its Weight Around

1989-11-10   Announcing the League for Programming Freedom  More

1990-06-19   The Software Patent Crisis
1990-07-26   Against Software Patents  [PDF]  More  More  [PDF]
1990-09-17   Programming Freedom At Risk
1990-11-13   Patents and boycott  More

1991-02-28   Against Software Patents  [PDF]
1991-07-08   Your chance of the year to change software patent law
1991-07-13   Easy way to reply to PTO request for comments  More  More
1991-07-17   Bill Gates Memo - "...our strategy for the 90's is Windows..." - See document
1991-09-xx   Why Patents Are Bad for Software  [PDF]  More
1991-10-02   Examples of software patent benefit sought

1992-01-xx   Programming Freedom  More  More  More  More
1992-01-18   Personal Use
1992-02-20   Patents and their form of expression
1992-05-29   The Great Software Patent Debate
1992-06-xx   Debunking the Software Patent Myths  [PDF]
1992-06-04   Interesting article
1992-09-01   Photo-CD

1993-01-15   Protect Your Freedom to Write Programs  [PDF]
1993-03-xx   Programming Freedom  More
1993-06-xx   Oracle Corporation Patent Policy
1993-07-05   A sad result
1993-09-05   Bay Area software patents by companies and law firms
1993-09-09   PhotoCD Access
1993-12-23   PTO holding software patent public hearings

1994-01-06   Comments on Patent Protection
1994-01-27   Use of the Patent System to Protect Software  [PDF]  More  More  More
1994-01-31   Opinion on Software Patents  More
1994-02-24   Reverse-engineering
1994-03-17   IPX compliancy
1994-04-26   Novell is trying to sell a derivative of Linux
1994-06-10   Patents in Sweden, Germany etc
1994-07-xx   Programming Freedom
1994-07-25   Letter to President Clinton regarding proposed patent law changes
1994-10-28   Need a better screen squisher

1995-01-06   Proposed Mechanism to Establish LZ-free Image Format in 5 days
1995-01-13   LPF Statement on the GIF controversy
1995-01-24   CERT advisory -- details
1995-02-xx   Programming Freedom
1995-08-29   Developing Wine

1996-04-10   Berkeley Round Table on Software Innovation
1996-08-07   AWE32 Programming Info
1996-09-06   Why Software Should Not Have Owners
1996-10-xx   The Politics of Freedom
1996-11-12   Stronghold's Apache SSL Server: Is it worth it?

1997-01-28   Experience with THAWTE as Apache CA  More
1997-04-13   Why there are no GIF files on GNU web pages
1997-07-20   I2O specs available
1997-08-04   Webserver  More  More  More

1998-06-20   Recent Lucent-Cisco patent suit

1999-04-23   The Problem With Patents
1999-11-03   Patent
1999-12-23   Saving Europe from Software Patents

2000-12-29   Sequential innovation, patents and imitation  [PDF]

2002-05-24   patent on O_ATOMICLOOKUP

2003-09-21   Open Letter on Software Patents from Linux developers
2003-11-04   Public Patent Foundation Begins Operations
2003-12-03   Microsoft opens technology to more licensing - See document
2003-12-09   Microsoft FAT patents 'could be re-opened

2004-04-15   PUBPAT Challenges Microsoft Patent to Protect Competition
2004-04-15   Alan Cox talks about patents  [WMA]  More
2004-05-24   The Danger of Software Patents  [YouTube]
2004-06-10   Microsoft Patent to be Reexamined at PUBPAT's Request
2004-07-12   PUBPAT Announces Microsoft Patent Watch
2004-08-02   Linux Patent Review Results Announced  [PDF]  More  More
2004-08-02   Mitigating Linux Patent Risk  [PDF]
2004-09-30   At PUBPAT's Request, Patent Office Rejects FAT Patent

2005-05-18   The Danger of Software Patents  More  More  [YouTube]
2005-10-05   Microsoft's Linux-related patents rejected

2006-01-10   Microsoft's file system patent upheld

2007-05-14   Microsoft takes on the free world

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