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Subject: Berkeley Round Table on Software Innovation
Date: 1996/04/10
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        Press Release

        Cutting Edge Round Table on Software Innovation
Berkeley's Center for Law and Technology /Intellectual Property

        U C Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law, and the State Bar of
California, will bring together industry, scholars and government
representatives to debate the current "hot issues" in software high-tech.
The Berkeley Round Table on Software innovation will take place on Friday,
April 26, 1996 and participants will include IBM, LucasArts, Oracle, Wired
Magazine, MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab, The Fair Trade Commission, the
State Bar of California, Encyclopedia Britannica On-line, and leading
authors in the high-tech field.

        The Round Table is the kick off event for U C Berkeley's new Center
for Law and Technology/Intellectual Property.  The Center was formed to
address The growing number of issues arising from the fast moving technology
fields such as genetic engineering and software development.  Future events
include a symposium on the growing connection between Hollywood and Silicon
Valley and an international judges's conference.

        Berkeley Round Table on Software Innovation: Friday April 26th,
9:00- 4:30, 2680 Bancroft Way, Berkeley (Bancroft Hotel) Round table,
Interactive Debate format, registration begins at 8:30 a.m., Cosponsors; U C
Berkeley, Intellectual Property Law Center, California State Bar and the
Wang Family Foundation, Cost $75.00 to early registration, $85.00 after
4/16, students admitted free.  Pre-registration (707)/259-2800 ex 105  Fax
business card to (707) 259-2805

For Further Information Contact: Brette Evans, Esq.
Wang and Wang
415/788-8008 ext 103
Fax 415/986-2241

The panelists are:

Vic Siber, IBM Deputy General Counsel
Simpson, Garfinkel, MIT AI Lab, Wired Magazine

Al Wagner, Oracle Senior Patent Counsel

William J. Bowe
Encyclopedia Britannica Inc.
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Robert Roden
LucasArts, General Counsel

Prof. Joe Farrell
UCB Econ. FTC Chief Economist

Prof. Rich Gilbert
UCB Econ. Dept. Justice Dept, Antitrust Division

Michael Glenn
Chair State Bar of CA, IP Section

Paul Heckel
President Hyperracks, Intellectual Property Creators
Author Debunking the software Patent Myths.

Emery Simon
Director Alliance to Promote software Innovation
and Business Software Alliance.

Prof. Pam Samuelson
UCB Boalt Hall and School of MIS

Chris Meyer
Partner, Meyer and Klapper
Formerly with USPTO.

The major sessions are entitled:

Software Patents

Interoperability, Public Standards

White Paper and Opposition

Anti-Competitive Issues and Antitrust.
Paul Heckel, (      Intellectual Property Creators
101 First St. Suite 425          (voice) 415/948-8350
Los Altos, CA 94022              (fax) 415/948-7319
WWW: 120 pages on inventor + public policy issues.

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