Apple Computer joins the Business Software Alliance in fight against worldwide software piracy

Business Wire

January 13, 1992

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple Computer Inc. today announced at the MacWorld trade show that it has joined the Business Software Alliance (BSA) to work closely with software publishers and developers to reduce software piracy in the global market.

Apple is the first computer company to become a member of the BSA and will play a key role in the BSA's programs to increase awareness of software copyright laws and legal software use throughout the software distribution and retail channel.

``The BSA is very pleased to welcome Apple as our newest member,'' said BSA Managing Director Robert Holleyman. ``During 1992, we intend to implement a communications program in all of our major markets that will focus on increasing awareness of software copyright laws among computer resellers and others in the software distribution and retail channel, and we hope to learn a great deal from Apple's marketing expertise in order to make this program a success.''

``Apple cares about the success and profitability of all of its developers, both in the U.S. and abroad,'' said Kirk Loevner, director of the Apple Developer Group. ``By becoming a member of the BSA, Apple is further extending its reach worldwide in working with key associations to reduce the global software piracy problem. By working to establish copyright laws, we are helping our developers be successful in all markets.''

The Business Software Alliance is an organization devoted to fighting software theft in overseas markets with comprehensive programs in countries around the world which include public awareness efforts, public policy initiatives, and legal actions. The BSA's members include: Aldus, Apple Computer Inc., Autodesk, Borland International, Lotus Development, Microsoft, Novell, and WordPerfect.

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