FBI raids computer service

Associated Press

MILLBURY, Mass. - June 11, 1992 -  FBI agents raided a computer bulletin board service accused of illegally distributing copyrighted software programs, a software trade group said.

FBI spokesman William McMullin confirmed that agents executed a search warrant Wednesday in Millbury, but he declined to elaborate. McMullin said no charges had been filed.

The Software Publishers Association disclosed that the target was the "Davy Jones Locker" bulletin board, owned by Richard Kenadek. Seized in the raid were computers, telecommunications equipment and financial records.

"This is one of the first instances that we are aware of where the FBI has shut down a pirate bulletin board for distributing copyrighted software," said Ilene Rosenthal, director of litigation for the software association.

An association spokesman estimated more than $675,000 worth of software was distributed.

Attempts by the Associated Press to reach Kenadek were unsuccessful.

A computer bulletin board allows personal computer users to obtain and exchange a wide range of information via telephone lines.

For $49 for three months or $99 for one year, Davy Jones subscribers gained access to a special section of the bulletin board that contained copies of more than 200 copyrighted programs, the trade group said.

The Software Publishers Association said it had also investigated Davy Jones Locker on a tip from software maker Lotus Development Corp. The group said subscribers could receive popular business and entertainment software packages without having to pay the copyright owner.

Davy Jones Locker had paid subscribers in the United States and 11 other countries. The subscribers were also encouraged to contribute additional copyrighted programs to the bulletin board, the group said.

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