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dBASE III: Relational DBM for 16-Bit Computers

Byte Magazine

July 1984

Ashton-Tate has introduced dBASE III, a relational DBM (database manager) for 16-bit microcomputers. With dBASE III, you can enter, manipulate, and retrieve large volumes of data as well as develop custom applications programs to put that information to work. Its storage capabilities, limited only by your computer, can be as high as 2 billion records per file with 128 fields per database. As many as 10 database files can be simultaneously operated.

At the same time, Fox & Geller (604 Market St. Elmwood Park. NJ 07407) has announced that it is supplying Quickcode III, dUTIL III, and dGRAPH III versions of its dBASE enhancements. Quickcode is an applications generator that uses the dBASE programming language. dUTIL is a general utility program, and dGRAPH sorts, averages, and totals dBASE data and displays it graphically.

dBASE III provides fast sorting and indexing of stored data and color displays. Its user interface features a command assistance mode that guides novices through the most common areas of the database. Full online, context-sensitive help is available at the press of a key.

Written in C from the ground up, dBASE III uses the same English-like commands as its predecessor, dBASE II, with only minor modifications and enhancements for new functions and program changes. It also uses the dBASE programming language, which lets you develop your own applications programs. It's compatible with Framework and dBASE II. Miscellaneous features include variable-length text files of up to 4K bytes per entry, 4000 bytes per record (fixed length), 512K bytes per record (variable length), 15.9 digits of numerical precision, full-screen data entry and modification, and report and mailing-list generation.

dBASE III currently runs on the IBM PC, PC XT, and all IBM PC compatibles. Minimum system requirements are 256K bytes of RAM, dual 5 1/4-inch 360K-byte floppy-disk drives, a monochrome or color display, PC-DOS 2.0, and an 80-column printer. It will also work with a single floppy-disk and one fixed-disk drive. Available this month, it will list for $695. A take-home sampler tutorial can be obtained for $9.95. Owners of dBASE II wishing to upgrade to dBASE III should contact authorized dealers before July 31 for details on a preferential pricing program. Prices for the Fox & Geller programs had not been announced at press time. Contact Ashton-Tate. 10150 West Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. (213) 204-5570.

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