Xerox Corp. Introduces New Business Systems Products

New York -- April 30, 1985 -- PRNewswire -- As the first step in an aggressive two-year program to capture a greater share of the business systems market, Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX) today introduced three business solutions for work groups in 10 new systems and communication products.

The introduction of these systems is expected to have far-reaching effects on the business systems marketplace. Xerox Executive Vice President William Glavin said his company is making a "major commitment" to the effort and is "in this for the long run."

Xerox sales and support personnel have been serving the office market for 25 years, Glavin said. The company plans to leverage that experience by marketing the new systems and products through its 4,000-person general line sales force, he said.

The new products and systems are designed to work with each other as well as with equipment supplied by other vendors that use Xerox's Ethernet local area network.

The company also announced that it has reached an agreement in principle with AT&T to market the hardware used in the low-cost AT&T Starlan Network, a local area network recently introduced by that company.

The three work group systems announced today are Document Solutions to help office workers handle information electronically and on paper faster and better; Expert Designer Solutions for preparing blueprints, drafting and other engineering and design tasks; and Production Publisher Solutions for in-house printing and publishing operations that produce catalogues, brochures, manuals and other complex, large documents.

The three systems use one or more of the 10 new products, which include a desktop laser printer (the Xerox 4045 priced at $4,995) capable of producing letter-quality text and graphics at up to 10 pages a minute, and a 24-page-per-minute printer (the Xerox 3700 priced at $29,995) for use in data centers or work groups.

Xerox also introduced the first of its 60 Series workstations. These include the 6085 Professional Computer System (priced at $4,995) which allows users to merge text and graphics and also run popular personal computer programs; a family of PC-based word processors (the Xerox 6067 and 6068 priced at $2,985 and $5,150, respectively) featuring a special word processing keyboard and the proprietary Xerox Writer I or II word processing software; and two versions of an industry-standard personal computer (the Xerox 6064 and 6065 priced at $2,885 and $4,485, respectively). A new organization within Xerox called the Xerox Software Center will develop and market software for the new Xerox personal computers.

All of these products will be available throughout the United States by the end of the third quarter.

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