Xerox Corp. Introduces New Office Systems Products and Programs

New York -- January 8, 1986 -- PRNewswire -- Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX) today introduced eight new office systems products and two business solutions and announced additional communications capabilities that support the systems strategy originally outlined by the company last April.

Today's announcement brings to 30 the number of systems products and to six the number of business solutions Xerox has unveiled over the past eight months. The most recent additions include a low-cost local communications network for linking personal computers over standard telephone wire, compact document publishing systems, two new Xerox business solutions, a 50 page-per-minute laser printer, a color ink-jet printer, a sophisticated electronic publishing system, a fully portable facsimile device and additional applications and systems software for Xerox personal and professional computers.

"With our announcement today, the company continues to make good on its commitment to the systems business," said Dwight F. Ryan, president of the Xerox business systems group, the organization responsible for marketing and servicing Xerox products in the United States.

Assessing customer response to the office systems products and programs Xerox has put in place since April 30, Ryan said, "Our progress to date has exceeded our expectations. Significant progress has been made in our ongoing efforts to transform 4,000 Xerox sales representatives into the second-largest integrated office systems sales force in the industry."

Ryan said more than half of Xerox's 4,000-person general line sales force will be trained in systems products by the end of this year. Also by then, the balance of the company's sales force will have received basic systems training. In addition, Xerox will expand its systems analsyt force by 40 percent by the end of 1986.

Among the products announced today are the Xerox Communications (XC) 22 network, a 1 megabit-per-second (Mbps) network that links MS-DOS-based microcomputers over standard twisted-pair telephone wire. Part of the Xerox XC 20 network family, XC 22 allows any Xerox 6060 family workstation equipped with a rigid disk to function as a server, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware to control network schedules. The Xerox XC 22 network is intended for use by office workgroups and is software-compatible with the IBM PC network and the IBM token ring network.

The Xerox Documenter systems, a series of compact workstation and printer systems that let one person produce a complete high-quality publication, are also part of the announcement. The Documenter systems consist of a professional computer workstation, used to create both text and graphics, directly linked to one of several printers, including a tabletop laser printer. No auxiliary equipment or communications facilities are needed.

The computer used in the Documenter systems is the Xerox 6085 professional computer. A series of Xerox printers, including the Xerox 4045 Laser CP, provides the printing.

Xerox also announced two new computer printers. The Xerox 4050 laser printer can produce up to 50 pages per minute of typeset-quality text and graphics. Based on the advanced Xerox 1090 copier, the 4050 features Ethernet/SNA compatibility and electronic forms creation capability. Xerox also announced the ability to produce on the 4050 graphics generated on Xerox 8010 and 6085 workstations, and the company's XPS 700 Series Publishing System.

The 4020 color ink jet printer provides personal computer users with the ability to create business presentations and reports that integrate text and high-resolution graphics. It offers printing of up to seven distinct colors in more than 4,000 shades. A typical color graphics page prints in about two minutes.

Also announced was a fully featured, entry-level electronic publishing terminal system that automates the production of business documents such as technical publications, directories and catalogs. Called the Xerox 701, the system provides a variety of corporate, commercial and government agencies with in-house electronic publishing capabilities.

The new Xerox 7010 Telecopier, a highly-featured, fully portable digital facsimile transceiver, also is included in today's announcement. The Xerox 7010 is 12-inches wide, 14-inches deep and 4 inches high, and weighs 22 pounds. It transmits most business documents in 25 seconds per page.

In addition, Xerox announced new ViewPoint systems and applications software for the Xerox 8085 Professional Computer. The company also is offering an enhanced version of its XPS publishing software.

Three more applications software packages and an add-on data storage device for Xerox 6060 family personal computers are also being made available through the Xerox general line sales force.

The company announced new network implementations as part of the third phase of its long-range plan to expand communications networks, systems and software and integrate them with those of other vendors. It said it will offer AstraNet, a technology which extends the implementation of coaxial Ethernet local networks to other physical media, such as fiber optic cable, the IBM cabling system or a combination of both media.

It also announced a strong commitment to fully support the International Standards Organization's (ISO) Open SSystems Interconnection model and to provide gateways to IBM's SNA and DISOSS environments. And it announced an expansion of the Interpress printing architecture and its application to new products. The latter announcement includes the availability of Interpress 3.0, which adds a range of new capabilities to the page and document description language.

Xerox presented its products in the context of "Business Solutions," or groupings of products designed to address the application requirements of various types of workgroups.

"Busines solutions are a key element in the Xerox systems strategy," said Robert V. Adams, president of the Xerox systems group. "As we originally stated April 30, Xerox is committed to providing useful combinations of products that meet customer needs and that can be integrated into other systems environments. Our announcements today are representative of the progress we are making on this front."

Integrated Financial Management, a system offering a full range of hardware, software, network services, consulting and support, was one of the Business Solutions announced. The system allows individuals and workgroups in financial environments to collect, integrate and analyze data from a variety of sources and create documents to communicate that information around the organization, as needed.

The Integrated Purchasing Management solution from Xerox provides the tools needed to automate the planning, selection and expediting functions in purchasing departments. Using hardware, software, network services, support and consulting from Xerox, a purchasing workgroup or department can realize significant savings through increased productivity and inventory control, the company said.

The 30 systems products introduced by the company since April include seven printers, five network and communications capabilities, four application and system software packages, two personal computers, two word processing workstations, two artificial intelligence workstations, two electronic typewriters, a desktop professional computer, a document publishing systems series, an electronic publishing system, a facsimile device, a database management service, and a computer-aided system for mechanical design and drafting. The six business solutions announced were Document Solutions, Expert Designer Solutions, Production Publisher Solutions, Laser Printing Solutions, Integrated Financial Management and Integrated Purchasing Management.

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