Worldwide Multimedia Desktop PC Market Doubled in 1995

Dataquest Reports Pacific Rim Enjoyed Quadruple Growth

San Jose, Calif., June 10, 1996—The worldwide multimedia desktop PC market had another explosive year according to Dataquest, growing from 10.3 million units in 1994 to more than 20.8 million units in 1995, fueled largely by growth in the Pacific Rim and Europe. While the U.S. market grew by 35 percent, Europe grew by 144 percent and Japan and Asia/Pacific grew by an astounding 391 percent.

"The Asian markets really embraced the multimedia PC in 1995," said Bruce Ryon, director and principal analyst of Dataquest's Multimedia Worldwide program. "All indications are that multimedia will be integrated at a much higher rate in the Asian markets than in the U.S. Multimedia PCs have held at a 42 percent average of all PCs sold in the U.S. for the last six quarters, but multimedia desktop PCs in the Asian markets are already at greater than 50 percent of all PCs sold."

Apple Computer was the No. 1 multimedia PC vendor in the world in 1995 for the third consecutive year. Apple outsold its nearest competitor, Packard Bell, by almost one million units worldwide (see Table 1). However, because of the huge growth by non-U.S.-based vendors into their own regions, all U.S.-based multimedia PC vendors lost worldwide market share, with Packard Bell and Apple showing the largest decline.

Table 1
Top 5 Multimedia Desktop PC Vendors by Worldwide Shipment Estimates
(Thousands of Units)

Company         1994   1994 Market        1995   1995 Market   Growth (%)
           Shipments     Share (%)   Shipments     Share (%)    1994-1995
Apple          2,349          22.9       3,931          18.8         67.4
Packard Bell   1,969          19.2       3,004          14.4         52.6
Compaq         1,226          11.9       1,931           9.3         57.5
IBM              820           8.0       1,549           7.4         88.9
NEC              445           4.3       1,465           7.0        229.3
Others         3,305          32.3       8,977          43.0        171.5
Total         10,267         100.0      20,858         100.0        103.2
Note: Columns may not add to totals shown because of rounding.
Source: Dataquest (June 1996)

The worldwide growth rates by the non-U.S.-based vendors were especially significant as the top 5 non-U.S.-based vendors had anywhere from just slightly less than triple growth, with Acer at 192 percent, to 8 times growth by Fujitsu (see Table 2). In light of the recent announcement of NEC's non-Japan PC business moving over to Packard Bell, this would have affected only 12 percent of NEC's multimedia PC shipments in 1995, or 173,000 units.

Table 2
Top 5 Non-U.S.-based Multimedia Desktop PC Vendors by Worldwide Shipments
(Thousands of Units)

Company         1994   1994 Market        1995   1995 Market   Growth (%)
           Shipments     Share (%)   Shipments     Share (%)    1994-1995
NEC              445           4.3       1,465           7.0        229.5 
Acer             278           2.7         812           3.9        192.0
Fujitsu           65           0.6         576           2.8        785.3
Highscreen        57           0.6         248           1.2        334.9
Escom             78           0.7         239           1.1        242.0
Source: Dataquest (June 1996)

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