Unix - Licensing

1978-04-xx   AT&T letter to UCB  [PDF]

1979-12-xx   License agreement  [PDF]

1980-07-xx   Companies jumping on Unix bandwagon  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-11-xx   Microsoft signs Unix agreement  More  [PDFs]

1982-03-xx   Unix royalty fees cut  [PDF]
1982-04-05   AT&T letter to UCB  [PDF]
1982-10-27   What's the difference between Unix and Un*x? - See document

1983-02-13   Using YACC to generate commercial products - See document
1983-06-14   Unix source code - See document
1983-07-19   mm macros with 4bsd nroff - See document
1983-09-15   AT&T letter to UCB  [PDF]
1983-11-06   Berkeley issues - See document
1983-11-19   non-Unix UUCP implementations - See document

1984-03-21   Where's the (c) on Unix? - See document
1984-06-28   More 4.2 license madness - See document
1984-06-30   hangman, licensed Unix source code? - See document
1984-08-15   Educational software agreement  [PDF]
1984-11-18   Unix trademark - See document
1984-11-19   Public domain software in Unix? - See document  More
1984-11-24   When is Unix Unix - See document
1984-12-17   UCB letter to AT&T  More  More  [PDFs]

1985-01-12   Unix and AT&T - See document
1985-02-01   Software agreement  More  More  [PDFs]
1985-02-14   honeydanber uucp available - See document
1985-02-14   Unix UUCP - See document  More
1985-02-28   System V introduces another inconsistency - See document
1985-03-02   Software ethics - See document  More  More
1985-04-05   Unix and the future - See document
1985-05-03   Royalities on code using Yacc, Lex, Stdio, etc. - See document
1985-06-04   Are there licensing restrictions on handlers? - See document
1985-10-08   getopt - See document
1985-11-12   Educational software agreement  [PDF]

1986-01-08   AT&T won't let BSD adopt stuff from sysV - See document
1986-02-26   AT&T letter to UCB  [PDF]
1986-03-04   License agreement  More  [PDFs]
1986-05-07   Permission to reprint -ms and -mm macros - See document
1986-07-31   Merging 4BSD and SysV utilities - See document

1987-01-20   Copyrighting trivial code - See document
1987-02-13   Ownership of uuslave.c, does AT&T have any ownership? - See document
1987-07-27   AT&T letter to IBM  [PDF]
1987-08-13   Software agreement  [PDF]

1988-04-13   Unix shared libraries - See document
1988-05-23   grep replacement - See document

1992-05-18   USL (AT&T) letter to UCB  [PDF]

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