Unix - Open Software Foundation - X/Open

1984-07-03   AT&T, Olivetti in Europe venture - See document  More  [PDF]

1985-01-21   Microsoft and AT&T Announce Joint Plans - See document
1985-02-19   European computer makers plan to standardize Unix- See document  More
1985-09-04   AT&T And Sun Join Forces On Unix Operating System Standard - See document

1987-10-19   AT&T, Sun Unveil Plans For Computer Platform - See document  More

1988-01-18   AT&T's Ties to Sun Raise Computer Maker's Concerns Over Unix - See document  More
1988-05-17   Foundation to Develop Open Software Environment  More
1988-05-17   AT&T Issues Statement Regarding Open Software Foundation
1988-06-29   Philips Newest Sponsor For Open Software Foundation
1988-08-02   Open Software Foundation Adds Six New Members
1988-08-23   Software Group Chooses Cambridge, Mass.
1988-08-30   Open Software Foundation Adds Four New Members
1988-09-14   Open Software Foundation Membership Grows By Six
1988-09-20   Open Software Foundation's Request For Technology
1988-09-27   Open Software Foundation Announces Qualifying Technologies In User Interface
1988-09-28   Open Software Foundation Adds Ten Members  More
1988-11-30   Letter to Members of Open Software Foundation
1988-12-30   Open Software Foundation To Combine Technologies For Graphical User Interface

1989-01-02   OSF Founders Offer AT&T Unix Versions
1989-01-11   Open Software Foundation Announces User Environment, OSF/Motif
1989-01-31   X/Open To Help Unix International With CAE Conformance
1989-04-18   Motif  [YouTube]
1989-11-01   Open Software Foundation, Unix International, X/Open work towards unification  More

1990-02-14   OSF Technical Seminars  More
1990-03-26   Open Software Foundation announces pricing for OSF/1 operating environment
1990-04-09   Unix International, OSF, AT&T/UNIX Software Operation reach agreements
1990-06-05   UNIX System V Release 4 gets official X/Open approval  More  More
1990-10-23   OSF releases OSF/1 Version 1.0  More

1991-03-13   Open Software Foundation Makes True Interoperability A Reality
1991-10-10   Founding members of the ACE initiative and USL move to unify Unix  More

1992-04-22   Open Software Foundation Announces OSF/Motif Upgrade

1993-03-17   Unix Leaders Announce Common Open Software Environment
1993-06-23   Whitepaper on Open System Process Acceleration
1993-06-30   Specification for Common Open Software Environment Desktop  More
1993-08-xx   Common Desktop Environment Developers Conference
1993-09-01   Leaders Agree on Commons Interface Specification for Unix
1993-09-01   Computer industry appoints X/Open to manage single, common Unix specification
1993-10-11   X/Open Receives Unix Trademark From Novell

1994-03-23   HP, IBM, Novell, SunSoft Announce May Availability of Second CDE Snapshot
1994-03-23   Leading Vendors Unify to Accelerate Open Systems
1994-03-23   OSF Announces Progressive New Business Model

1995-02-27   X Open Delivers Unix Branding, Inviting Vendors to License Unix Trademark
1995-03-14   Common Desktop Environment (CDE) for Unix Systems Completed  More  More
1995-09-07   OSF Announces Formal Launch of CDE/Motif Project

1996-02-14   X/Open and OSF Join to Create The Open Group  More  More
1996-07-01   The Open Group Continues to Expand Product and Services Portfolio

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