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From: mo@LBL-UNIX
Date: Mon Feb 15 23:45:28 1982
Subject: Re: Typesetter-independent TROFF

It has been released by AT&T.  The release includes PIC and IDEAL,
I believe.  I have been told the package license is $4,000.
We have an order in the works right now.

PS - it is usually called "ditroff" for "device-independent troff".

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From: Sri-Tsc@sri-unix
Date: Fri Nov 26 02:11:53 1982
Subject: Device Independent Troff, anyone?
Posted: Thu Nov 25 05:47:56 1982
Received: Fri Nov 26 02:11:53 1982

Date: 23 Nov 1982 at 1120-PST
Has anyone out there brought up the DITROFF package yet?  We just received our
copy from AT&T (today!) it and would appreciate talking to someone who is
using it now.  We intend to use it with a Canon Imprint-10 Laser Printer.  The
package seems to come with a post-processor for the canon, but no fonts.  Has
anyone done work on converting the Berkeley Fonts?  Any and all replies

	-Dan Chernikoff (dan@sri-tsc)
	SRI International