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Date: Sat Sep 11 02:26:42 1982
Subject: MENUNIX availability
Posted: Fri Sep 10 07:23:44 1982
Received: Sat Sep 11 02:26:42 1982

The author is Gary Perlman.  he just completed his PhD and took off for
Bell Labs, where he will be working.  However, he is taking a vacation
first and will not show up at the Labs until approximately November 1.

Meanwhile, anyone wishing documentation on MENUNIX may write to me. 
I will send the technical report that he produced on MENUNIX.
The code IS available, but I would prefer you get it from him,
which means you have to wait.   If you absolutely can't wait, contact me.

Gary's address will be:
	Gary Perlman   (effective approximately November 1, 1982)
	Bell Telephone Laboratories
	600 Mountain Avenue
	Murray Hill, NJ  07974

and I am:

Donald A. Norman          (ucbvax!sdcsvax!norman or norman@nprdc)
Cognitive Science C-015
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California 92093
(714) 452-6770 (ucsd)

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