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Path: utzoo!decvax!ittvax!qumix!rcf
X-Path: utzoo!decvax!ittvax!qumix!rcf
From: qumix!rcf
Date: Sun Oct 24 01:02:58 1982
Subject: Re: macro packages with TROFF
References: <bnews.psuvax.1106>
Posted: Sat Oct 23 12:10:47 1982
Received: Sun Oct 24 01:02:58 1982

I usually use -me with VTROFF and I have been having a lot of
trouble getting a title page right, in that my vertical spacing
commands are not honored, at least the first one.  Have I missed
something or is this just a problem.
			Robert Field
			Qume, San Jose

Message-ID: <bnews.watmath.3683>
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Path: utzoo!watmath!padpowell
X-Path: utzoo!watmath!padpowell
From: watmath!padpowell
Date: Tue Oct 26 23:03:41 1982
Subject: Re: macro packages with TROFF
References: <bnews.qumix.152>
Posted: Mon Oct 25 10:40:40 1982
Received: Tue Oct 26 23:03:41 1982

  This little gem consists of the -me macro package provided in the
4.1BSD distribution, with many of the wierd bugs removed (and some
new ones introduced).  The main contributions are the following:
1.  A new macro (.qs, .qe) for doing diversions with some good degree of
	control.  Makes sorted indexes easy to generate.
2.  A new set of "hooks" for doing section and page headings,
	that allow the user greater control over the format.
3.  A new macro (.fx) which will reset the internal variables to some
	"predefined" set of values.  This is invaluable if, like me,
	you have a tendency to screw up some of the settings.

   In exchange for this little wonder, I want a fix to allow the -me macros
to coexist in peace with the EQN, REFER, and TBL packages.  Down with people
who redefine "standard" macros!

Patrick ("Again, I wonder what has happened to the TEX (new version) system")

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