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Message-ID: <bnews.mcnc.1409>
Path: utzoo!decvax!harpo!duke!mcnc!dfh
X-Path: utzoo!decvax!harpo!duke!mcnc!dfh
From: mcnc!dfh
Date: Fri Dec 10 08:43:55 1982
Subject: newsite announcement for ecs
Posted: Thu Dec  9 14:42:07 1982
Received: Fri Dec 10 08:43:55 1982

Name of site:

What the site is all about:
	North Carolina Educational Computing Service operates 2
	PDP-11/23's running V7.  One system is a news and mail
	microcomputer conferencing system (site name 'tucc').  This
	new system ('ecs') offloads the staff so that more ports
	are available for public usage on the 'tucc' site.  All news
	on 'tucc' is available on 'ecs'.  A dedicated uucp line connects
	the 2 sites, so the conference is now on 2 connected machines.
	'ecs' contacts 'tucc' at least twice an hour.

Name of contact person at site:
	David Hinnant

Electronic mail address of contact person:

U.S. Mail address of contact person:
	David Hinnant
	North Carolina Educational Computing Service
	P.O. Box 12035
	Research Triangle Park, NC  27709

Phone number of contact person:
	(919) 549-0671

Systems with whom news articles are exchanged:
	We get all our news from 'tucc', which receives network news
	from 'unc'.

(what kind of link, who the neighbor(s) are):
	'ecs' will talk only to 'tucc', but 'tucc' communicates
	with the outside world via 'duke', 'unc', and 'mcnc'.

Willingness (or lack thereof) to connect to new sites that
want to join usenet.  If you run uucp, tell if new sites can
call you, if you will poll them, what your policy is.
	No willingness, no policy.

If on the arpanet, are you willing to forward news on to new
sites by establishing an arpanet usenet connection?
If you want to publish your uucp phone number, login, and password,
include that info.