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From: ucbvax!mckusick
Date: Sun Feb  6 09:55:36 1983
Subject: Update to directory access routines available
Posted: Thu Feb  3 16:23:45 1983
Received: Sun Feb  6 09:55:36 1983

Due to a number of requests for information about the conversion
requirements to access the new flexible length directories that will be
coming out on 4.2bsd, I am sending out an updated version of the
library of functions that simulate the new flexible length directory
names on top of the old directory structure. It allows programs to be
converted to the new directory access interface, so that they need only
be relinked when 4.2bsd becomes available. The documentation and
sources are being sent out on netnews net.sources. If you want this
library and do not have access to net.sources, send me mail and I will
arrange to forward it to you.
	Kirk McKusick