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From: utzoo!henry
Date: Wed Mar 23 17:52:39 1983
Subject: 68000 and 68020 
Posted: Wed Mar 23 17:52:39 1983
Received: Wed Mar 23 17:52:39 1983

My thanks to Tom Lovett for elaborating on my description of the
68000's internal bus structure.  My information was based on a
fairly sketchy overview article, and one I read quite some time
ago at that.

Does anybody know whether the 68020 is going to be a major internal
reimplementation, or whether Motorola is just going to graft a
32-bit bus interface onto the existing more-or-less-16-bit cpu?
I fear it may be the latter, which would undoubtedly improve the
overall throughput to some extent (in much the same way as a cache,
by improving memory bandwidth) but wouldn't have quite the crunch
of something that actually did 32-bit arithmetic 32 bits at a time.

					Henry Spencer
					U of Toronto