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Xenix Now Standard on TRS-80 Model 16

Byte Magazine

April 1983

Radio Shack has announced that it will use Microsoft's multiuser, multitasking Xenix operating system as the standard DOS on its TRS-80 Model 16. A Model 16 equipped with Xenix can be expanded to accommodate three users, with all users running programs or sharing the same program, data, or peripherals.

Xenix features tree-structured directories, device-independent I/O, chaining of program input and output, and foreground and background execution. It requires 256K bytes of memory and a hard-disk drive. Xenix can also run on TRS-80 Model IIs outfitted with a hard disk and a Model 16 upgrade kit. All applications software currently offered by Radio Shack for the Model 16 can be moved to the Xenix system. Radio Shack will supply Xenix at no cost to Model 16 owners and include it in all new Model 16 production.

In a related development, Radio Shack also announced that it intends to introduce several multiuser application packages for Xenix-equipped Model 16s. Future plans call for several interactive accounting programs, a high-capacity inventory control system, versions of Microsoft's BASIC and Multiplan spreadsheet, and a Xenix development system that includes the C language.

For complete details, contact your local Radio Shack Computer Center, selected Radio Shack stores, and participating dealers. Radio Shack 1800 One Tandy Center, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

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