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From: utzoo!henry
Date: Tue May  3 15:15:14 1983
Subject: 32032 arrives 
Posted: Tue May  3 15:15:14 1983
Received: Tue May  3 15:15:14 1983

The latest issue of Digital Design has an interesting bit of news:

	National's 32032 uP is now available in sample quantities,
	an indication that extensions to the family are arriving on
	schedule.  The part has a 32-bit data bus and boasts a 40%
	improvement in performance over the 16032.  It supplies ECC
	bus handling and is capable of high speed parallel processing.

(The 16032 is 32 bits wide inside, but uses a 16-bit bus.  National
has been promising a version with a 32-bit bus, but I for one hadn't
expected it to arrive quite so quickly.  This definitely puts the
National folks one up on Zilog and Motorola.)  (No, the news item
did not mention prices.)

					Henry Spencer
					U of Toronto