Western Electric to Produce UNIX System V

Anaheim, Calif. -- May 17, 1983 -- PRN -- Western Electric announced today that it has entered into software development arrangements with the Intel, Motorola, and National Semiconductor corporations to produce versions of its new UNIX(A) operating system for microprocessor products made by the three companies.

The announcement was made here by Jack M. Scanlon, Western Electric vice president, Processors, during the National Computer Conference.

Each new implementation will be a functionally complete version of UNIX System V, announced by Western Electric in January at UNICOM '83.  Arrangements involve development projects to modify UNIX System V to create a generic version for each chip.  The versions will be owned by Western Electric.  Intel, Motorola and National Semiconductor will each provide support and maintenance services for their respective implementations.

"These arrangements will increase the availability to all users of application software written for UNIX systems," said Scanlon. "This is a logical follow-up to our January announcement of active support for UNIX System V to users outside the Bell System.

In addition, Western Electric will offer a new training package in June, 1983, to provide training to customers of UNIX System V. These actions are further evidence of our intention to assist in establishing and supporting versions of UNIX operation systems for the full range of computers from personal computers to mainframes."

The microprocessor products for which UNIX System V will be implemented are the Intel iAPX 286, the Motorola 68000 and the National Semiconductor 16032.

Scanlon saw application software portability provided by UNIX operating systems as a major improvement in software technology. "UNIX operating systems provide to the marketplace, for the first time, a proven technology that will significantly extend the life of application software by permitting 'old' software to easily migrate to new computer architectures," Scanlon said.

"We feel that this ability will make UNIX System V a desirable foundation for computer users.  As their demands and needs change or grow, they will be able to migrate to the best machine for their particular needs with the least difficulty."

Scanlon stated that the introduction of the "reusable software" technology will significantly increase programmer productivity since many programmers are today busy reproducing software functions done for earlier computer models, or non-standardized operating systems.

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