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Subject: TRS-80/Model 16 XENIX question
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Date: Mon, 13-Jun-83 17:09:51 EDT
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Posted: Mon Jun 13 17:09:51 1983
Date-Received: Wed, 15-Jun-83 03:33:50 EDT
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  The following blurb is from some Radio Shack propaganda on the
TRS-80 Model 16:

	"Unlike 'UNIX-like' systems, TRS-XENIX actually 'is' the
	 UNIX operating system."

A question for you folks at Microsoft:  Are you calling a rose by
another name?  What is meant my "... actually 'is' the UNIX ..."?
Is TRS-XENIX a binary UNIX license with some Berkely enhancements?
Is the Model 16 implementation of XENIX different from other XENIX

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