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Subject: The TELETYPE 5620 and USENIX
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Date: Fri, 24-Jun-83 11:07:40 EDT
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Posted: Fri Jun 24 11:07:40 1983
Date-Received: Sun, 26-Jun-83 04:28:53 EDT
Organization: Teletype Corp., Skokie, Ill
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The TELETYPE 5620 DMD is a high-resolution intelligent dot-mapped terminal
scheduled to be available to general market late this year.  The 5620
grew out of a joint development between Bell Labs and Teletype (some of
you may have heard of the Blit, which was an experimental model of the
5620, available within the Bell System only).

Some 5620 features:

	* 15 " diagonal screen (10.24" x 8" visible)
	* 1024 x 800 dots (100 dots/inch horizontal and vertical)
	* High persistance P39 green phosphor
	* BELLMAC-32 microprocessor based 
		- Full 32-bit non-multiplexed data and address paths
		- Large instruction set
		- Virtual memory capability with 4 levels of protection
	* 256K RAM, 64K EPROM
	* Low-profile (30 mm) keyboard with numeric pad and 8 PF keys
	* Mouse
	* UNIX (System V)-based software
		- Multiplexor which provides up to six concurrent `windows'
			of arbitrary size on the screen, each appearing to
			the UNIX host as a separate virtual terminal. 
			Optional downloaded terminal process under control
			of terminal operating system associated with each
		- Mouse-based text editor
		- BELLMAC software development system
			- C cross compiler and tools
			- Terminal debugger highly integrated with C compiler
			- Downloader
		- Tektronix 4014 emulation
		- Font Editor
		- TROFF preview facility
		- Picture editor produces TROFF input text for preparing
		  document figures.

	... and, of course, more.

There will be a Birds of a Feather session on the 5620 at the Toronto
USENIX meeting, July 12-15.  The exact time for the BOF has not yet
been decided.  Included at the BOF will be a Teletype presentation on
the 5620, a Bell Labs presentation on the UNIX software and a Western
Electric presentation on software support.  Plenty of Q&A time will be
allowed.  A 5620 will be available for demonstrations.

If you are interested in attending the USENIX BOF, please mail to me:

	or	...!mhtsa!tty3b!mjk

or		Mike Kelly
		Teletype R&D 9782
		5555 West Touhy
		Skokie, IL   60077

If you just want information on the 5620, PLEASE DO NOT MAIL TO ME.
Instead, write or call:

		Teletype Corporation
		Sales 3223-Y
		5555 West Touhy
		Skokie, IL  60077

		(800) 323-1229 Ext. 604

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