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Subject: Re: Do you know the path to HP in Fort Collins?
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Date: Thu, 7-Jul-83 00:55:24 EDT
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Posted: Thu Jul  7 00:55:24 1983
Date-Received: Sat, 2-Jul-83 07:08:38 EDT
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Well, we don't  want to make a big deal  about it, but we're  here.  Try
the path  below.  You can also get hpfcld and hp-dcd  from  csu-cs.  The
problem  is that  we're  really not ready yet to join the net full force
(news, forwarding mail, answering  questions, etc.).  Soon (next month?)
we may have a "hub" system running and announced (I hope).

By the way, we will have a booth at USENIX to show off HP-UX on the 9020
(desktop) and 9040 (pod).

Alan Silverstein, Hewlett-Packard Fort Collins Systems Division, Colorado
ucbvax!hplabs!hpfcld!ajs, 303-226-3800 x3053, N 40 31'31" W 105 00'43"