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Subject: Possible bug in windows documentation ".fe" macro
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Date: Tue, 12-Jul-83 08:50:39 EDT
Article-I.D.: umcp-cs.738
Posted: Tue Jul 12 08:50:39 1983
Date-Received: Wed, 13-Jul-83 05:45:37 EDT
Organization: Univ. of Maryland, Computer Science Dept.
Lines: 36

Apparently not all "-me" macro sets are the same.  In our set, .lp
resets the left margin.  Someone stated that he had trouble running off
the windows documentation because .lp didn't reset the left margin.
The fix:  change the definition of ".fe" from

	.de fe
	.ls 2


	.de fe
	.in -.5i
	.ls 2

I just ran off the documentation again with this change, and it (still)
works correctly, so even if you don't have the bug, it won't hurt to
install it.

				- Chris

P.S.  If anyone has a set of System III/System V/2.8BSD/whatever
changes, I'd like to collect them all.  Windows shouldn't be 4.1BSD
dependent.  (I can hear you saying "but we don't even have the -me
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