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Subject: Commodore 64/VIC 20 cassette help
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Date: Wed, 20-Jul-83 20:28:32 EDT
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Posted: Wed Jul 20 20:28:32 1983
Date-Received: Fri, 22-Jul-83 03:50:33 EDT
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  I just purchased a Commodore 64 without a tape recorder.  I'd like
to use the cassette recorder/player I have at home.  I remember seeing
something about how to interface a regular cassette recorder in news
a while back.  My cassette does have remote on/off control, and
auxillary output jacks as required to interface to the C-64/VIC-20.
Does anyone know how to do this?

					David Hinnant
					N.C. Educational Computing Service
					(919) 549-0671