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From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
Newsgroups: net.unix-wizards
Subject: VMS UUCP info wanted
Message-ID: <301@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Thu, 22-Sep-83 14:17:38 EDT
Article-I.D.: ittral.301
Posted: Thu Sep 22 14:17:38 1983
Date-Received: Fri, 23-Sep-83 04:57:33 EDT
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  I'm trying to find out if there is a VMS implementation of UUCP.  Not a
UUCP running under EUNICE, but a UUCP running under VMS.  Does anyone
know of such a beast?  I don't want a fancy ethernet connection, just a
real, honest-to-goodness  UUCP that I can run over an ordinary serial line.
Surely someone has written such a thing.
  I have heard from a reliable source that DEC is cooking up a VMS
implementation of UUCP, but haven't seen any details.
  My need is one of sharing non-CPU resources (printers, disk files, etc.)
between several VMS 780's and one UNIX 780, so I very much need "uux".

					As they say, "Thanks in advance",
					David Hinnant
					ITT Telecommunications Corp.
					(919) 829-3033