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Subject: reliability data on Sun Workstations wanted
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Date: Tue, 27-Sep-83 11:30:00 EDT
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Posted: Tue Sep 27 11:30:00 1983
Date-Received: Wed, 28-Sep-83 21:18:54 EDT
Organization: Bell Labs, Columbus
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I would appreciate comments about the reliability of the Sun Microsystems
products.  How much are they down?  What kinds of failures occur?  What
happens when they break?  I'm most interested in the current 100U-150U
models, but I realize they are new, so I'd also like to hear about the
older 100-150 models.  Other comments not related to reliability are
also of interest.

Please respond by mail and I'll summarize.

	Mark Horton
	Bell Labs, Columbus, Ohio
	(614) 860-4276