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From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
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Subject: Amdahl UTS opinions wanted
Message-ID: <314@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Wed, 5-Oct-83 13:08:49 EDT
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Posted: Wed Oct  5 13:08:49 1983
Date-Received: Fri, 7-Oct-83 04:11:37 EDT
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  I'm looking for opinions/faults/bugs/limitations/wins/losses/etc. of
Amdahl's UTS UNIX.  It's not that I like IBM hardware, it's just that
there is a 3083 around, and it's paid for.
  Aside from the half-duplex limitation, what other 'problems' does it
have as compared to 4BSD ?  Is Amdahl responsive to bug reports?
  As always, thanks in advance, and I'll post the responses if I receive
enough to post.

					David Hinnant
					ITT Telecommunications
					(919) 828-4441