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From: j...@wdl1.UUCP (John B. Nagle)
Newsgroups: net.general
Subject: Mouse/window-based UNIX systems query
Message-ID: <205@wdl1.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 14-Oct-83 21:36:12 EDT
Article-I.D.: wdl1.205
Posted: Fri Oct 14 21:36:12 1983
Date-Received: Mon, 17-Oct-83 01:51:11 EDT
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     We are looking for vendors supplying UNIX systems which support
multiple windows (a la Xerox Alto, Lisa, Apollo) on large screens.
We know about Apollo, Perq, and Sun; are any others known?  We are
not interested in systems which attempt to provide multi-window support
on standard terminals unless a large-screen terminal is supported and
window manipulation is at least Lisa-speed.

				John Nagle
				Ford Aerospace and Communications Corp.