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From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
Newsgroups: net.wanted,net.micro.cpm
Subject: UMODEM under VMS l s
Message-ID: <320@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 11-Nov-83 12:49:39 EST
Article-I.D.: ittral.320
Posted: Fri Nov 11 12:49:39 1983
Date-Received: Sat, 12-Nov-83 20:48:50 EST
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Does anyone know of an implementation of UMODEM (or "UC" now I suppose)
that runs under VAX/VMS?  Any pointers will be appreciated.

					David Hinnant
					ITT - Telecom

Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
Path: utzoo!linus!decvax!ittvax!ittral!hinnant
From: hinnant@ittral.UUCP (David Hinnant)
Newsgroups: net.micro.cpm
Subject: UMODEM under VMS found
Message-ID: <323@ittral.UUCP>
Date: Wed, 30-Nov-83 07:57:38 EST
Article-I.D.: ittral.323
Posted: Wed Nov 30 07:57:38 1983
Date-Received: Thu, 1-Dec-83 04:53:49 EST
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  Thanks to all of you who responded to my quest for a host version of
MODEM running under VAX/VMS.  Most of the responses concerned a FORTRAN
77 version developed at the University of Washington by Jim Belonis, of
which I now have a copy.  Although written for VMS 2.0, it compiles
and runs without error under VMS 3.0.  If there is a request, I'll post
the source and related utilities to net.sources.  Again, thanks for all
the help.

					David  Hinnant
					ITT Telecommunications
					(919) 829-3033