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From: lauren@vortex.UUCP (Lauren Weinstein)
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Subject: non-Unix UUCP implementations
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Date: Sat, 19-Nov-83 05:19:35 EST
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Posted: Sat Nov 19 05:19:35 1983
Date-Received: Tue, 22-Nov-83 01:30:25 EST
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Yes, my UUCP implementation (which includes mail and netnews
generation and handling) will be available for the IBM-PC, both
for MSDOS and Coherent.  The MSDOS version will hopefully appear
very early in '84.  The implementation allows the user to become
a Usenet site and of course to forward mail to other sites (i.e.
you do not have to act only as a "terminal" mail node.)

Another version of my code for native VMS is also under development;
it has the same mail/netnews features and (being written from
scratch) will *NOT* require paying for a Unix binary license.
I might also add that it doesn't have any of the Unix UUCP bugs, either!
Full mail interfacing into VMS is being supported.

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