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From: han...@pegasus.UUCP
Subject: re: termcap vs. terminfo
Message-ID: <998@pegasus.UUCP>
Date: Sat, 25-Feb-84 21:06:37 EST
Article-I.D.: pegasus.998
Posted: Sat Feb 25 21:06:37 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 26-Feb-84 05:00:21 EST
Distribution: net
Organization: AT&T Information Systems, Lincroft NJ
Lines: 250

Being on a System V machine, which supports termcap, that is getting ready
to convert to System V Release 2, which supports terminfo, I have found the
following table to be very handy in my own work for converting from termcap
to terminfo. It is a comparison between the termcap list as given in 4.2BSD
and the terminfo list given in SVR2, plus several entries that have been
added since SVR2 was put out.

There are four major columns below: the termcap name for each capability;
the name as used in a C program; the terminfo name; and, a short description
of the capability. The termcap name is further subdivided into three columns
depending on which database supports the given capability.

There are several reasons that there are still termcap names associated with
each terminfo entry. One is so that a termcap emulation package can be
supported. Another is that several tools use the termcap names as a two
character index into the tables. The most prominent reason, I think, is to
give some common base for discussion between users of termcap and users of

The termcap entries no longer supported were mostly subsumed by other entries.
For instance, "dC" is the padding for carriage return. It would now be noted
directly within the "cr" entry.

The bogus termcap name "MT" was never officially supported and is really "km".

The "ml" and "mu" capabilities are no longer supported at all. I don't know
why not.

I hope this table is of as much help to other people as it has been to me.
If there are any termcap entries around that are not listed below, I would
appreciate hearing about them.

					Tony Hansen
					AT&T-Information Systems


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