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From: ho...@clan.UUCP (Neal Holtz)
Subject: Graphics Interface '84 - Preliminary Program
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Date: Fri, 30-Mar-84 19:30:43 EST
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Posted: Fri Mar 30 19:30:43 1984
Date-Received: Sat, 31-Mar-84 00:24:26 EST
Organization: Systems Eng., Carleton Univ., Ottawa, Canada
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Graphics Interface '84 -- the tenth Canadian conference on computer
                          graphics and interaction techniques.
Ottawa, Ontario
May 28-June 1, 1984.

A copy of the preliminary program follows.  Details of requesting
a registration form are given in different net message.

Animation I                    - Wednesday, May 30, 9:00
     -  Director Oriented 3-D Shaded Computer Animation
        Nadia Thalman, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
     -  Algorithms for Brush Movement in Paint Systems
        Kenneth P. Fishkin and Brian A. Barsky, Berkeley
     -  Towards Expressive Animation for Interactive Characters
        Kurt Fleischer, Mark Vickers, Ann Marion, and James Davis, Atari

Business Graphics              - Wednesday, May 30, 9:00
     -  The Office of the Future
        Jim Mackie, Mitel
     -  Design for a Telidon-based Business Graphics Processor
        Thomas Whalen, Dept. of Communications
     -  Business Graphics Interface to Databases
        Kuan-Tsae Huang and Moshe M. Zloof, IBM

Animation II                   - Wednesday, May 30, 10:45
     -  Interactive Key Frame Animation of 3-D Articulated Models
        David Sturman, NYIT
     -  Interpolating Splines for Keyframe Animation
        Doris H.U. Kochanek and Richard H. Bartels, National Film Board
     -  A Color Graphic Real-Time Animation System
        A.S. Malowany and B. Kashef, McGill University

Panel - Statistical Graphics   - Wednesday, May 30, 10:45

Modelling                      - Wednesday, May 30, 13:45
     -  Primitives in Computer Graphics
        Alain Fournier, University of Toronto
     -  Topology as a Framework for Solid Modelling
        Kevin Weiler, General Electric
     -  Geometric Continuity and Shape Parameters for Catmull-Rom Splines
        Tony D. DeRose and Brian A. Barsky, Berkeley

Graphics Environments          - Wednesday, May 30, 13:45

     -  Experience with the CEDAR Programming Environment for 
            Computer Graphics Research
        Richard Beach, Xerox PARC
     -  PED: A ``Distributed'' Graphics Editor
        Theo Pavlidis, Bell Labs.
     -  Dynamic Attributes Handling on a GKS Workstation
        Martin Rudalics

Anti-Aliasing and Ray Tracing  - Wednesday, May 30, 15:30
     -  Two Algorithms for Drawing Anti-aliased Lines
        Dan Field, University of Waterloo
     -  Ray Tracing With Cones
        John Amanatides, University of Toronto
     -  Some New Ingredients for the Cookbook Approach to Anti-Aliased Text
        Avi Naiman, University of Toronto
     -  An Approximate Method for Anti-aliasing, Using a Random Access Z-Buffer
        K. B. Evans, National Research Council

Panel                          - Wednesday, May 30, 15:30

Building Design                - Thursday, May 31, 9:00
     -  Computers in Architectural Design
        Douglas Cardinal, Douglas Cardinal Architect, Ltd.
     -  Geometric Relations in Solids Models
        Robert Woodbury, Arvind Deogirikar, and Domenic Carrega, CMU
     -  Architectural Modelling: Transformations in Perspective Space
        G. Andonian, Carleton University

Movement and Automation        - Thursday, May 31, 9:00
     -  Modelling and Animating the Human Form
        Norman Badler, University of Pennsylvania
     -  Spatial Planning, Geometric Modelling and Fuzzy Production Rules 
             in Robotic Systems
        David R. Dodds, Bell Northern Research
     -  Interactive Graphics Simulation System (IGSS) for the Assembly of 
             Mechanical Parts
        Hema A. Murthy and R.G.S. Asthana, McMaster University

Design                         - Thursday, May 31, 10:45
     -  The Uses of Solid Modelling in CAD
        Charles Eastman, Formative Technologies
     -  Interactive Graphics and the Representation of Non-Linear Woven Textile Structures
        J.A. Hoskins and M.W. King, University of Manitoba
     -  Interactive Form Sculpting: A Drawing Based Modeler
        Roy Mckelvey and Robert Woodbury, CMU

Panel                          - Thursday, May 31, 10:45

Graphics Techniques I          - Thursday, May 31, 13:45
     -  2-D and 3-D Interactive Computer Modelling Systems
        Kellogg Booth, University of Waterloo
     -  Using Recursion to Describe Polygonal Surfaces
        Brian Wyvill, Breen Liblong, and Norman Hutchinson, University of Calgary
     -  Real Time Lighting Manipulation Via Look-up Tables
        K.B. Evans and C.M. Penner, National Research Council

Panel - Building Design        - Thursday, May 31, 13:45

Graphics Techniques II         - Thursday, May 31, 15:30
     -  Exploiting Parallelism in Image Synthesis Applications
        Gerald Leitner, Columbia University
     -  A Family of New Algorithms for Soft Filling
        Kenneth P. Fishkin and Brian A. Barsky, Berkeley
     -  Towards an Effective User Interface for Interactive Colour Manipulation
        Michael W. Schwarz, John C. Beatty, William B. Cowan, and Jane Gentleman
             University of Waterloo

Applications                   - Thursday, May 31, 15:30
     -  Office Information System Integration Through a High-Level 
             User Interface Prototype
        C.Y.K. Kwan and P.G. Sorenson, University of Saskatchewan
     -  A Review of Facilities Required for Computer Graphics in an 
             Information Oriented Environment
        Misa Gratton, Statistics Canada
     -  Towards Automating the Production of Soil Survey Maps
        David B. Arnold, University of East Anglia

Interaction I                  - Friday, June 1, 9:00
     -  The BLIT and the User's Perception of the Computer
        Robert Pike, Bell Labs
     -  Soft Machine: A Personable Interface
        John Lewis, MIT
     -  A Simple User Interface for a Complex Window Manager with Icons
        Brad A. Myers, University of Toronto

Geography and Mapping          - Friday, June 1, 9:00
     -  Experiments with a Ridge and Channel Digital Elevation Model
        Dave Douglas, University of Ottawa
     -  Microprocessor Support for Urban Street Navigation
        Dr. Howard J. Ferch, University of Manitoba
     -  Enlarging Rules and Generalization Methods in an Electronic Atlas
        Eva Siekierska, Energy, Mines and Resources

Interaction II                 - Friday, June 1, 10:45
     -  Motion Picture Debugging in a Dataflow Language
        Stanislaw Matwin and Tomasz Pietrzykowski, University of Ottawa
     -  A Programme for the Development of a Mathematical Theory of 
             Interactive Computer Graphics
        Eugene Fiume and Alain Fournier, University of Toronto
     -  The Design of a Trackball Controller
        David Martindale, University of Waterloo
     -  MFE: A Syntax Directed Editor for Interaction Specification
        Robert V. Rubin and Joseph N. Pato, Brown University

Panel                          - Friday, June 1, 10:45

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From: he...@utzoo.UUCP (Henry Spencer)
Subject: Re: Graphics Interface '84 - Preliminary Program
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Date: Sat, 31-Mar-84 19:34:57 EST
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Posted: Sat Mar 31 19:34:57 1984
Date-Received: Sat, 31-Mar-84 19:34:57 EST
References: <107@clan.UUCP>
Organization: U of Toronto Zoology
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Are printed proceedings for this conference going to be available?
I may not be able to attend, but some of it sounds most interesting.
				Henry Spencer @ U of Toronto Zoology