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Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP
Posting-Version: version B 2.10.1 6/24/83; site mit-athena.ARPA
Path: utzoo!watmath!clyde!akgua!mcnc!decvax!mit-athena!jg
From: j...@mit-athena.ARPA (Jim Gettys )
Subject: New Site - mit-athena
Message-ID: <143@mit-athena.ARPA>
Date: Sat, 5-May-84 00:39:11 EDT
Article-I.D.: mit-athe.143
Posted: Sat May  5 00:39:11 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 6-May-84 00:55:58 EDT
Organization: MIT, Project Athena, Cambridge, Ma.
Lines: 50

Name of site.
	mit-athena, with time, hundreds and then thousands of machines.
	Currently about 20 machines are running.

What the site is all about.
	Project Athena is a joint project of MIT, Digital Equipment Corporation,
and IBM to experiment with the uses of the computer in education.  Over the
next five years, 2500 Vax class workstations will be installed at MIT.	

Name of contact person at site.
	Jim Gettys

Electronic mail address of contact person.

U.S. Mail address of contact person.
	Project Athena 
	MIT E40-419
	77 Massachusetts Avenue
	Cambridge, Ma. 02139

Phone number of contact person.

Systems with whom news articles are exchanged.
(what kind of link, who the neighbor(s) are).
	decvax		uucp
	mit-eddie	uucp

Systems with whom mail is exchanged.
(what kind of link, who the neighbor(s) are, what frequency
of connection, whether or not you'll pass outside mail along).

	decvax		uucp	called on demand
	ibmcsc		uucp	polled 3x day, call on demand
	mit-eddie	uucp	polled hourly
	Chaos and Arpa sites directly (more or less).
	Mail will be passed on within reason.  This is subject to change
	without notice.

Willingness (or lack thereof) to connect to new sites that
want to join usenet.  If you run uucp, tell if new sites can
call you, if you will poll them, what your policy is.
If on the arpanet, are you willing to forward news on to new
sites by establishing an arpanet usenet connection?

	Possibly as time permits.

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