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From: c...@mit-athena.ARPA (Cecilia d'Oliveira )
Subject: Manager of Systems Operation, Project Athena, MIT
Message-ID: <148@mit-athena.ARPA>
Date: Mon, 14-May-84 16:04:27 EDT
Article-I.D.: mit-athe.148
Posted: Mon May 14 16:04:27 1984
Date-Received: Tue, 15-May-84 03:10:06 EDT
Organization: MIT, Project Athena, Cambridge, Ma.
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Project Athena seeks a Manager of Systems Operation to plan, direct, and
manage the administrative and technical activities related to the
hardware and software installation and operation of its large
distributed network.

Project Athena is a five-year experiment in the use of computation in
the university curriculum.  Using grants of hardware, software,
maintenance and staff from Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM,
Project Athena will include 2600 advanced personal workstations
organized into local area networks distributed across the campus and and
extended to off-campus living groups.  Supporting these networks will be
scores of file servers, print servers, and computation servers to serve
the needs of the students and faculty at M.I.T.  This large distributed
system will be based on Berkeley Unix 4.2.

The Manager of Systems Operation will participate in the planning
and design of Athena facilities and will be responsible for maintaining
operational software; for release engineering, installation and maintenance
and for developing and maintaining user account software.  This individual
will supervise the staff of the Systems Operations Group and coordinate its 
activities with other units in Athena.

A Bachelor's degree or the equivalent combination of education and
experience in computer science is required.  Three to five years
experience in systems programming and operations is also necessary.
Project Athena seeks an individual with considerable experience in the
operation of multiple computer systems and networks, including backup,
user account management and software maintenance.  Experience in a UNIX
environment is highly desireable.

Please reply to:
	decvax!mit-athena!cec		(UUCP)	(Arpa)

	Ms. Cecilia d'Oliveira
	MIT E40-439
	Cambridge, Mass. 02139		(U.S. Snail)

M.I.T. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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