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From: y...@mit-athena.ARPA (Mark H Levine)
Subject: Programmer Wanted for MIT ATHENA Faculty Project (EECS)
Message-ID: <161@mit-athena.ARPA>
Date: Fri, 8-Jun-84 15:15:21 EDT
Article-I.D.: mit-athena.161
Posted: Fri Jun  8 15:15:21 1984
Date-Received: Tue, 12-Jun-84 01:34:04 EDT
Organization: MIT, Project Athena, Cambridge, Ma.
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May 1984



We are building a group of graphics and computational tools to be used
in teaching the major undergraduate field theory subjects:

"Electromagnetic Fields and Energy" and "Electrodynamics"

We need a programmer to help write the programs, maintain the system
of programs, write documentation, and provide consulting assistance
for students and faculty who are competent field theorists but not
experienced programmers.

This work is part of MIT's Project Athena, a major effort to introduce
computation into the teaching curriculum.  All of the owrk will be done
on a system of VAX 11-750s running Berkeley Unix 4.2.  This is a highly
visible project which will have a major impact on the educational program
at MIT. 

As many of the following skills as possible are required:

1.  Experience with Berkeley Unix
2.  Experience with computer graphics systems
3.  Experience with symbolic manipulation systems (i.e. MACSYMA)
4.  Skill at numerical field computations
5.  Ability to maintain systems of programs.

For more information contact:

	Prof. James L. Kirtley, Jr.
	Room 10-093
	Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	Cambridge, MA 02139


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